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Every year "Business Ys" are determined by the senior management in line with the Strategic Development Plan of the Company. Business Ys are the improvement areas that need to be focused on to ensure that the company achieves its targets for the year. Performance targets are broken down by the senior management starting from one-level down going down the line to lower levels. Target and competency-based performance assessment system is used at TEI, which is integrated into SAP system. Targets are set for all employees at the beginning of the year and they are notified to the concerned employees. Employees who start working before June 30 are included in the performance assessment system for the year. Targets for all employees must overlap with the Business Ys of the company.

Career Development System

A career development system is in place in our company for engineer, specialist and technician positions, which is used for positioning of employees on relevant career maps based on their competencies, proficiency, seniority and performances.