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Engine Assembly and Inspection / Testing (AIT)

TEI has a high-tech assembly and testing center with technological tools and equipment, a Turbofan Engine Test Cell up to a maximum capacity of 100,000 lbs and a Turboshaft Engine Test Cell up to maximum 2,500 shp capacity.

F110 engines powering the F16 fighters in the inventories of Turkish Air Force Command and Oman Air Force were tested in the 100,000 lbs-capacity Turbofan Engine Test Cell and currently testing process for TF33 engines of NATO's Airborne Warning & Control System Aircraft (AWACS) is in progress.

And the 2,500 shp-capacity Turboshaft/prop Engine Test Cell is used for testing of Makila 1A1 engines powering the Eurocopter AS532 Cougar helicopters in the inventory of Turkish Armed Force.

  • Makila 1A1 Engine
  • F110 Engine
  • TF33-PW-100A Engine

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

TEI has been providing Depot-Level Maintenance services for TF33 engines of NATO AWACS aircraft since 1999. Thanks to its successful services in this field, it was selected "Best Engine Maintenance Company" by NSPA and IAMCO in 2004, 2008 and 2011.

TEI also offers ENSIP/SLEP services for the F110-100 Engines for Bahrain Air Force and maintenance of the F110-GE-129C Engines of Royal Saudi Air Force is carried out at TEI facilities.

Depot-Level Maintenance of Makila 1A1 engines of the Cougar Helicopters in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces is also performed at TEI.

In addition to the aforementioned operations, MRO capability for the Utility Helicopter Engine to be included in the inventory of Turkish Armed Force (TAF) is planned to be gains at this new MRO premises; and relying on this new capability, TEI also plans to provide MRO services for the current T700 Inventory of region.