A global brand in aircraft engines industry, TEI celebrated its 30th anniversary with a festive occasion organized at its headquarters in Eskisehir. Nearly 4 thousand people, comprised of TEI personnel and their families, attended the occasion during which attendants had picnics, children planted trees, and family members of TEI personnel took a tour at the manufacturing site of the aircraft engines exported worldwide. Games and raffles were organized at the occasion, during which TEI personnel shared the excitement of 30th anniversary with their family members.

As the first company that comes to mind in Turkey in production of aircraft engine components and a rising star among other companies operating in global defense industry, TEI - TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary with an amazing event that reflects its glory. The traditional annual picnic organization was held on the green campus of TEI's headquarters in Eskisehir. Gungor Azim Tuna, Governor of Eskisehir, Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, Undersecretary for Defense Industries, General Abidin Unal, Commander of Combatant Air Force and Air Missile Defense, Muharrem Dortkasli, Chairman of TEI, and nearly 4 thousand people comprised of TEI personnel and their families got together at the occasion. The occasion started with a tour across the factory, during which the families of TEI personnel took a tour at the manufacturing site where components of the engines that power unmanned aerial vehicles and hundreds of aircraft flying around the world are manufactured; and found the opportunity to see the work places of their spouses and parents. After the tour, children of TEI personnel experienced the happiness of planting trees and giving them life by watering them for the first time.


Delicious food and snacks were offered at the picnic which brought together nearly 4 thousand people. TEI personnel and their family members both socialized with one another and had a pleasant time with the Caucasian folk dances, "30 Prizes for the 30th Anniversary" Raffle which saw a huge excitement, and the memorable firework displays. Gungor Azim Tuna, Governor of Eskisehir, gave a speech after the occasion, expressing the value and importance of TEI both for defense industry in our country and for Eskisehir. General Abidin Unal, Commander of Combatant Air Force and Air Missile Defense, also gave a speech at the event and noted that he had been flying safe and secure for 30 years since he trusted his life with TEI family. Muharrem Dortkaslı, Chairman of TEI, on the other hand, underlined the great size and value of TUSAS family and focused on the dedicated efforts and devotion of TEI employees and their families in his speech. As the host of the event, Mahmut F. Aksit, President and CEO of TEI, gave a short presentation, showing the current position TEI has reached, and then thanked all employees and their families for their contributions in this success. Nabi Avci, Minister of Education, could not participate in the event because of his busy schedule, but sent a telegram to celebrate TEI's 30th anniversary and thanked TEI and its personnel for their relentless works to become a prime global aircraft engine manufacturer. TEI's total export reached USD 236 million, of which 75% accounts for civil aviation and 25% for military in 2014; and with its target of USD 300 million this year, the company plays an important role for Turkey's target of becoming a technological base for the global defense industry.