TEI – TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. took the first step to keep its word.

Pursuing the vision of Turkey for "having globally competitive, original power systems", TEI disclosed in the previous days that it would increase its qualified workforce by 20% and provide job opportunities for a total of 374 persons covering 207 white-collar employees and 167 technicians, making 4 times more contributions than expected to national employment mobilization in 2017.

As part of the "On-the-Job Training Program", initiated by Iskur (Turkish Employment Agency) in order to decrease unemployment rate, and the "Project for Training Highly Competent Technical Personnel in Turkish Aviation Industry" which is carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, TEI not only satisfied its own need for qualified workforce but also provided the inexperienced persons with the opportunity to work by providing them the opportunity to put the theoretical information they have learned into practice in line with the needs of the industry.

TEI delivered personnel ID cards to 57 persons, who have successfully completed these two programs, at the Collective Inauguration held on March 01, 2017, and thus, took the first step to keep its word for contribution to employment.

Delivering the keynote speech, Prof. Dr. Mahmut Faruk Aksit, President and CEO of TEI, said: "We stated to make 4 times more contributions than expected to national employment mobilization campaign, initiated by our President, throughout 2017. Today, we organized the collective inauguration for 57 persons, and kept our word. I wish to extend my thanks to the Provincial Directorates of Labor and Iskur (Turkish Employment Agency) and the Provincial Directorate of National Education for the precious contributions they have provided during this period.  Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to disclose a piece of good news to you: We will initiate a new On-the-Job Training Program."

Appearing on the stage to deliver a speech, Azmi Celik, the Governor of Eskisehir, highlighted that TEI's program is a good example for the national employment mobilization campaign carried out across our country, and thanked TEI for its contributions.

            The ceremony ended upon delivery of personnel ID cards to the new employees of TEI.