TEI to Develop First Indigenous Turboshaft Engine
Sign-Off Process Completed for Indigenous Turboshaft Engine Development Project

Signing ceremony for 'Turboshaft Engine Development Project' was held on February 07, 2017 at UDI Nuri Demirag meeting hall upon attendance of Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, Undersecretary for Defense Industries, and Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit, President and CEO of TEI.

The project will be carried out under the leadership of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (UDI) Sub-Systems Department, under which design, development and testing infrastructure for gas turbine engines will be generated in our country on one hand, and the 1400 shp original and indigenous engine with the applicable type certificate will be developed by TEI in order to be integrated into the Original Helicopter, on the other hand.

Turboshaft Engine Development Project will be carried out for 8 years by a team of approximately 250 engineers all of whom are TEI employees serving at TEI's Engineering Offices in Eskisehir, Ankara and Istanbul.

Any future derivatives of the engine may be utilized to power the indigenous platforms such as ATAK and HURKUS. Moreover; core technology of the engine will form the basis for the engine needed for "Indigenous Training/Fighter Aircraft - T/FX", and it will be possible to develop the indigenous aircraft engine when needed, upon any necessary technological additions to the capabilities gained under Turboshaft Engine Development Project .