Employee Satisfaction Survey

Every year, employee satisfaction survey is conducted with the participation of our employees on voluntary basis.

Award, Appreciation and Recognition System

Our company has certain systems in place for appreciation and recognition processes. These processes are carried out under two different categories. "Award, Appreciation and Recognition System" is intended for application in all fields of activity at TEI whereas as "Suggestion Award System" is intended for the manufacturing processes at TEI.

Our Employees

Our employees are valuable to us.

TEI is aware of the fact that we can achieve our targets by taking solid steps forward in the years to come with a conscientious, reliable, productive, responsible and creative workforce. We encourage our employees to generate works that make a difference with our working conditions that create satisfaction.

TEI employees create value not only for our company but also for the communities and environment they live in. They volunteer in cultural, education, sports and social responsibility projects, making contributions for development of our country as a whole starting from Eskisehir. In our time when sources of the Earth are rapidly consumed up, TEI employees take part in activities that develop the entire environment starting from TEI premises.

Employee Relations Team

An "Employee Relations Team" has been formed at our company in order to increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Improvement areas identified for increasing efficiency, satisfaction and business performance across the company are discussed by the Employee Relations Team, and the proposals that are deemed appropriate are submitted to the senior management as recommendations.