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TEI has been commissioned by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries as the main contractor for 3000-hour or 15-year depot level maintenance of the Makila 1A1 engines available in the inventor of Turkish Armed Force as well as for unscheduled maintenance of engines and modules. Accordingly, an agreement for the Cougar Makila 1A1 engines Logistic Support Project was executed with the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries on December 26, 2011.  This is the first project which is performed out of Supply and Maintenance Centers and it set a model  for the future’s Depot-Level Maintenance services of Turkey.

Under the project, TEI has acquired the necessary capabilities to carry out depot-level maintenance, repair, modernization and refurbishment processes domestically for Makila 1A1 engines of the AS532 Cougar Helicopter with the cooperation of and in collaboration with the 1st Command of Air Supply and Maintenance Center.

  • Activities carried out by TEI under the Cougar Makila 1A1 Engines Logistic Support Project:
  • Engine Inlet Checks
  • Engine Inlet Tests
  • Engine Removal
  • Module Removal
  • Diagnosis
  • Accessory Repair / Testing for Air Supply and Maintenance Center
  • International Turbomeca Repairs
  • Part Orders
  • Module Assembly / Balance
  • Engine Assembly
  • Testing
  • Shipment

Engine Modules Maintained;

  • Module 1            Air Intake Casing
  • Module 2            Axial Compressor
  • Module 3            HP Gas Generator 
  • Module 4            Rear Bearing
  • Module 5            Power Turbine