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TEI has manufactured more than 750 parts across a wide range of products for the aviation industry in line with the principles of precision and innovation since 1987. Today, TEI offers services to OEMs for 40 different types of military and commercial engine programs at its current position.

TEI aims to serve leading brands, mainly General Electric, in the industry across America, Europe, Asia and Far East, and has started module manufacturing operations with the aim of becoming an engine manufacturer. To that end, TEI has completed and put into operations several projects including the FBS (Front Bearing Structure) module under TP400 project, production of the “Power Turbine“ module for Rolls-Royce and the "Bearing Housing Assembly" module used on F110 engines. In addition to these projects, TEI has also started production of blisks and spools, which are used on compressor modules and currently produced by only a few companies, in Turkey through its investments.  


Thanks to 30-year experience and investments it has gained, TEI produces engine parts for many military and civil aircraft today; and accommodates the manufacturing capabilities needed by the industry in this area. Besides conventional production methods, Nadcap-accredited special processes and non-destructive inspections are among the specialties of TEI thanks to these capabilities. Moreover, TEI applies Lean Manufacturing and 6 Sigma approaches across all stages of its manufacturing processes with a strong commitment to quality.