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Subcontractors of TEI

TEI favors use of local subcontractors for the processes that do not require advanced technology and that are not included in TEI’s main activity areas. Thereby it not only contributes the development of national aviation industry but also aims to increase its efficiency and profitability.

TEI outsource   

  • 25% of its production hours in parts manufacturing,
  • 55% of fixture manufacturing,
  • 95% of prototype manufacturing in local R&D projects.

TEI's subcontractor network includes:

  • 27  suppliers in parts manufacturing,
  • 6 suppliers in domestic special processes,
  • 16 suppliers in international special processes,
  • 33 suppliers in fixture manufacturing,
  • 27 suppliers in design projects and,
  • 1 supplier in AIT-MRO projects. 

Of these 82 subcontractors in total, 45% are Eskisehir-based suppliers, 35% are non-Eskisehir based national suppliers and 20% are based abroad.

TEI outsources following operations;

Turning, milling, drilling, deburring, forming, EDM, laser cutting, coating, welding, piping, water jet cutting, pre-spinning, assembly, maintenance, overhaul, roll, shear, blank.

TEI pays attention on continual improvement of suppliers. Regular training activities are organized in order to quality, including:

CVP, 6-Sigma green belt, on the job training, quality system training, 8D, cutting tools, root cause analysis, etc.