F110 Engine

Assembly and testing of 271 engines under Oncel I and Oncel II Programs and 42 engines under Oncel IV Program were completed for the F110 engines available in the inventory of Turkish Armed Force.

Assembly and testing of 10 F110 engines available in the inventory of Oman Air Force were also completed.

Troubleshooting under warranty, module assembly, main engine assembly, inspection and testing of 2 F110-GE-129C engines of Saudi Arabia Air Force are carried out by TEI, which continues to provide troubleshooting and under-warranty repairs for these engines.

The activities carried out for this purpose are as follows:

  • Engine Inlet Checks
  • Engine Inlet Tests
  • Engine Removal
  • Module Removal
  • Viewing
  • Accessory Repair / Testing for Air Supply and Maintenance Center
  • Part Orders
  • Module Assembly / Balance
  • Engine Assembly
  • Test
  • Shipment

Engine Modules Maintained

  • Front Frame
  • Fan Stator
  • #2 Bearing Housing
  • Fan Rotor
  • Fan Frame
  • HPCR (High Pressure Compressor Rotor)
  • Forward Stator
  • Rear Stator
  • CDN ( Combustion Diffuser Nozzle) Assembly
  • HPT Shroud
  • HPT Nozzle
  • HPTR (High Pressure Turbine Rotor)
  • LPT Rotor
  • LPT Stage 1 Nozzle
  • LPT Stage 2 Nozzle
  • Turbine Frame
  • Bell Crank
  • Accessory Gearbox
  • Outer Duct
  • Exhaust Nozzle
  • Augmentor

International Depot-Level Maintenance Center Project

For the purpose of making use of the potential engine repair and revision opportunities in the region, we aim to perform maintenance and repair of the GE military engines across the countries in our region.

As part of the project, Deport Level Maintenance for the F110 engine modules of Bahrain Air Force has been carried out by TEI since 2011. Under the agreement, ENSIP maintenance and SLEP upgrade for 25 F110-100 engines available in the inventory of Bahrain Air Force will be carried out by  TEI, including materials.

In addition to Bahrain Air Force, under-warranty repairs for the engines/modules/parts of the F110-GE-129C/E engines available in the inventory of Saudi Arabia Air Force are also performed by TEI on behalf of GE.

TEI F110 2

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